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As a day nursery we are very much aware of the importance of providing

a positive influence on children’s knowledge, attitudes and behaviour

towards food and a healthy lifestyle.


The sharing of refreshments can play an important part in the social life

of the day nursery as well as reinforcing children’s understanding of the

importance of healthy living. We aim to provide healthy sugar free snacks

and drinks to foster a positive approach to healthy eating. The children

will quite often help to make their tea or snack.


We will display a weekly menu on the notice board. We will always

reward children for good behaviour by praising them and giving them

a sticker.

Food provision:


- We aim to provide 5 fruit and veg portions over the full day

- Fresh Fruit is offered at every session
- Milk or Water will be offered during each session

- Hot Lunches prepared fresh every day

- Children’s individual dietary needs will be respected

- Children will be given sufficient time to eat and drink

- Staff will provide a good role model for eating

- We do not encourage sweets or cakes in the nursery

- Fresh water will be available at all times


Food and Nutrition

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Free places for 2, 3 & 4 Year Olds

Freshly prepared homely meals

All meals, nappies, wipes included

Large outdoor all weather area

Sibling discounts

Large off road parking

Parent social BBQ & Curry Nights

"Outstanding" parent partnerships

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